Changing Your Perspective of the World

Uncle Mike August 22, 2017

How to positively change your perspective on life


Have you ever wondered how your outlook of the world is affecting you? Do you allow negative thoughts to influence how you treat people around you? The good news is, you can work toward changing the way you look at things and live a more positive life when you have a better understanding of the world. In order to make a change, you have to understand what your perspective is, where it comes from, and how to change it if necessary.


What is your perspective? Take a good look at your perception of the world. Be honest about how it shapes you as a person. Write it down—sometimes it helps to see things written in order to get a clear picture. Make an evaluation. Do you see things in a positive way? Or do you always have negative thoughts about what happens around you?


Where does it come from? Your experiences and exposure to media sources and people—all can affect how you perceive things. The people around you are one of the biggest influences of your attitude toward the world. Do you surround yourself with negative or closed-minded people? If so, consider widening your circle of friends. Remove (or limit your time with) the negative people in your life, if possible.  Also, try new things, like traveling or taking a class to broaden your horizons.


What can you learn from others? Look at the most positive people in your life. Get to know them. Talk to them about their viewpoints and how they acquired them. Try to see things from their position. Understand how their standpoints are different from yours. Note what you learned from them.


Do you need to make a change? Think about how it would look like to you and to others if you change the way you look at things. Will it make you a better person? Will it give you a more positive outlook in life? Make a list of specific things you can change for the better. Start by making small changes in your life. As you work toward a new perspective on life, you will see yourself begin to fit in better with the world around you.


Where can you find encouragement?  One way to find encouragement to change your perspective is through reading. Read books that are known to change negative mindset to positive one. Goodreads has a list of eleven popular books that will change your perspective on life. Books such as these will tell you about the different dispositions of people and help you make the changes you need.


If you feel you need to evaluate your attitude toward life, it is probably time to make a change—look at yourself, learn from others, and be willing to make a change. For a start, I invite you to read my book Quasar. Delve into its pages and see if you gain a new approach on life.

What strategies do you have for improving your perspective of the world? Share them in the comments below or reach out to me at FacebookTwitter, or Goodreads. I would love to hear from you!



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