Why Research Is Important in Writing Your Book

Uncle Mike September 12, 2017

A rookie’s guide to research to become the best writer he can be



Are you sure of what you are writing about, or are there still doubts in your mind? Answer all your questions by doing research.

Academic research can be considered as the backbone of your book. Doing it is easier now that information is widely available on the web. However, it doesn’t hurt to visit a library every once in a while. Maximizing all of these resources will be the key factor in writing a good story.

Doing research doesn’t only mean that you have to look up every piece of information about a good research topic. It also means assessing and studying your target audience. According to a writer’s resource a handbook for writing and research, you must be able to find a good topic for research that inspires you, look for reliable resources, and brainstorm an extensive outline that ultimately answers a good research question.




So where do you start? Begin by writing a research proposal. A comprehensive guide to writing a research proposal will tell you that it should make people understand your point-of-view and where you are going with your book. If you are looking for a sample research proposal, you can check Open Academy.




Next, you have to gather data. In academic research and writing, you have to scrutinize every nook and cranny of your resources. Make sure that every detail you describe is as accurate as they can be. This will not only help the readers to visualize information, but it will also give a sense of realism. Journals, anecdotes, and scientific studies should help in this aspect of your book. Reading as many materials as you can will not only expand your knowledge about your topic but will also help determine factors that will set your book apart from others. You can read a playbook for research methods to know more about this.




Lastly, make sure that your book caters to your audience. You will have an easier time writing and marketing your book if you know who your readers are. Observing the latest trends and existing authors are a good start in determining your audience. It is also a good thing to know how to reach them. Check out my book, Quasar, and see how I reached out to my target audience.


Writing a book takes a great deal of research. Exerting effort in reading other source materials and understanding them will make you a better author. Pick up a handbook to literary research. Learn more about your topic. This will assist you greatly as you write your book. Start doing your research to produce a top selling book.

Do you have any other suggestions regarding this topic? Leave a reply below. Also, reach out to me through FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. You can also read and analyze how I did my research in my book Quasar.



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