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Uncle Mike September 26, 2017

How to increase blog readership




In this age of technology, blogs (derived from web log, a regularly updated online journal) have risen to become one of the most used platforms by many netizens. From street fashion to cat videos, there’s a blog out on the internet for everybody. It’s just a matter of picking which sites to follow from a plethora of them. Maintaining readership is vital for a blog’s survival in the universe that is the World Wide Web.

To draw (and maintain) a following, bloggers have to do more than just generate interesting content to keep readers coming for more. If you’re just starting out in the blogging world and in need of help in the readership department, take in mind these pointers on how to increase blog readership:


  1. A picture (or two) is worth a thousand words—to get the ball rolling on building a blog readership, start off by a putting a relevant image to lure readers in. Whether it’s an infographic, a call to action, or a meme, there’s just something about pictures that draw people’s attention. Research has indicated that people are able to decipher a picture’s message within thirteen milliseconds.

According to Neil Patel, content with visuals gain 94 percent more views, compared to content with no images, regardless of the blog or article’s topic. Posts with images also get more shares on social media—a post with a few images gets 35 percent more reshares. Imagine the readership gains you’ll get once your posts go viral on social media.

Tip: Try to insert images in your post at regular intervals. Not only will they keep readers engaged, but they’ll also provide a breather as they read.


  1. Headlines and subheads matter—let’s be honest: not everyone bothers to read articles in their entirety. To get your potential readers clicking, you have to grab their attention through a relevant headline.

Humor, pop-culture references, or alliteration can make your writing colorful. Negative keywords, surprisingly, have been proven to be more effective in headlines than positive keywords are—just ask Matthew Opatrny of Outbrain.

When writing headlines and subheads, make sure to keep them short. Keep in mind that they should capture your post’s central idea without giving away too much.


  1. Pack some punch into your paragraphs—a wall of text is only going to drive away readers. If you want them to keep reading, you may use interesting facts and statistics. Remember to cut irrelevant bits of information and text in order to keep your reader’s focus on your post.

Although you want your content to be as informative as possible, don’t forget to keep it from becoming flat. If you don’t sound like yourself when writing, it’s time to revise and start over.


  1. Learn to build (and keep) connections—establishing connections is an effective way to grow blog readership. Take it from Michael Pozdnev of IWannaBeABlogger. In an interview for Web Hosting Secret Revealed, he shared, “I chose the way of building relationships with other bloggers. The way of friendship . . . I was choosing my future friends from commenters. Those who commented on the articles relevant to my topic.”

The more connections you build, the more your readership grows. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your readers. After all, they’re the ones you’re writing for.


What are your tips to help your blog’s readership grow? Feel free to share some in the comments section. You may also check out my FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads profiles if you want to reach me through other platforms. I’m looking forward to your suggestions. Don’t forget to read my book, Quasar, which is available on selected online bookstores.



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