Why Blogging Is a Must for Authors

Uncle Mike November 14, 2017

Valuable reasons for authors to blog


The world of social media and digital content is ever-growing. For anyone doing business, not owning a blog can mean losing potential clients or market. Blogging can give an entrepreneur access to thousands of new markets all the time.

Writers and authors are like entrepreneurs. However, instead of offering . . .

life and death

Life and Death: Two Sides of a Coin or One Single Thread

Uncle Mike November 7, 2017

Exploring varying views on life and death


Life and death. Death and life. Are they two sides of the same coin or a single thread, parts of a whole that flow together not unlike a river that flows into the sea? Undoubtedly, all of us have pondered the truth about life and death at some point in time.

It is hard to . . .

Writing 101: Creative Writing Techniques

Uncle Mike October 31, 2017

Here are effective creative writing techniques to improve your writing


We all have countless stories inside us just waiting to be written and shared with others. With the help of our imagination and the might of the pen, we have the power to craft complex new worlds with just simple words, with black ink against whi . . .

Writing Prompts: Best Humor Ideas in Writing

Uncle Mike October 31, 2017

Follow the footsteps of the best humor writers by using these prompts


Writing is a craft that can be learned. But writing with humor can be very tricky. Whether it’s the anecdotal, dry, droll, satirical, or dark, a good dose of humor can spice up many written works. Some might not appeal to everyone, thus humor co . . .

funny stories

Very Serious Tips for Writing Funny Stories

Uncle Mike October 17, 2017

Honing and developing your skills in writing funny stories to make people laugh



Humor, jokes, and funny stories are a big part of every person’s daily life—whether you are making small conversation with the barista at your favorite coffee shop, entertaining your kids, or trying to impress your boss. There is that desire to laugh and . . .