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Quasar is Uncle Mike’s take on contemporary science fiction. The novel is set in a bar in New Orleans, where two groups of men form nearly the same diagnosis. Interesting happenings await them as each of them try to prove their point.

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About the Author

Uncle Mike was born in Nebraska. The poet, writer, and former welder is fond of writing humorous stories that young and old readers enjoy. He is also interested in the fields of art and sciences. His other published works include Time Keepers and Eye of the Sleeping Dragon.


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The sun shone down over a small bar on Jefferson Avenue in New Orleans. Inside the bar, an alcoholic with a cold mug of beer, sat alone next to a window. Outside the window, the mighty Mississippi River lay in the distance. The attractive young barmaid named Valerie came over and asked the man if he would like a refill. The man smiled and said yes and told her to look out the window at the beautiful sunset. Valerie leaned over the table so she could get a better look. The drunk didn’t look out the window, but he sure had a smile on his face from what he was viewing.

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