How to Create a Story?

Uncle Mike July 25, 2017

Your Easy Storytelling Guide from Beginning to End


Storytelling is as old as time. People of long ago used to gather around a campfire and listen to a story. A master storyteller captivates his listeners with tales of magic, power, love, failures, and triumphs. The history of mankind is passed through the word of mouth, from one generation to the . . .


Writing Personalities Based on Images from a Book

Uncle Mike July 18, 2017

Creating characters through pictures

Characters can spell victory or disaster for writers. Because of this, every writer strives to develop them in the best way possible. If writing a story isn’t challenging enough, fleshing out characters is a different struggle, especially when your creative juices don’t seem to flow. Fortunately, there are plenty of . . .

beginning of time

Alternative Possibilities on the Beginning of Time

Uncle Mike July 11, 2017

Theories and inquiries about the beginning of everything—time and the universe.

Throughout history, many intellectuals (mostly philosophers and theologians) have argued whether time or the universe has a beginning and an end or not. They rationalized, postulated, debated, and discussed various possibilities about the beginning of time. Aristotle claimed . . .


One Night, When Two Friends Meet by the Beach: A Short Story

Uncle Mike July 4, 2017

It was a typical gathering of old friends who have known each other for a long time. Their rendezvous always started at dusk, when the sun was fading, and the telltale signs of the night emerged from the shadows. Tom Benet would never miss this for the world.

The night graced them with the pale beam from the moon lurking behind a blanket of clouds. And as they walked the cobbled steps leadi . . .