Keeping the Readership Coming

Uncle Mike September 26, 2017

How to increase blog readership



In this age of technology, blogs (derived from web log, a regularly updated online journal) have risen to become one of the most used platforms by many netizens. From street fashion to cat videos, there’s a blog out on the internet for everybody. It’s just a matter of picking which sites to f . . .


The Woes of Explaining a Joke

Uncle Mike September 19, 2017

Jokes are a perfect way to break the ice and turn any dull moment into a fun one, but do you have to explain them?



Jokes are the most effective tool of a public speaker and a writer to spark interest, break the ice, or remove the seriousness in a room. But have you ever been in that awkward situation when you tell a joke, and no one jus . . .


Why Research Is Important in Writing Your Book

Uncle Mike September 12, 2017

A rookie’s guide to research to become the best writer he can be


Are you sure of what you are writing about, or are there still doubts in your mind? Answer all your questions by doing research.

Academic research can be considered as the backbone of your book. Doing it is easier now that information is widely available on the web. However, it . . .


Self-Editing: Catching Your Mistakes before Others Do

Uncle Mike September 5, 2017

Improve your writing by mastering these self-editing techniques.



Following the recent trends, anyone with a high number of followers on social media can get anything published, from memoirs and mini novels to autobiographies and how-to books. With a little cash on hand and the right skills and tools, you can make this possible.

Howev . . .