Why Blogging Is a Must for Authors

Uncle Mike November 14, 2017

Valuable reasons for authors to blog


The world of social media and digital content is ever-growing. For anyone doing business, not owning a blog can mean losing potential clients or market. Blogging can give an entrepreneur access to thousands of new markets all the time.

Writers and authors are like entrepreneurs. However, instead of offering services or products, authors sell their books and writings. Blogging as a marketing tool for writers is a must. Blogging will give an author more credibility as a writer, and at the same time, help you master writing subjects out of your genre.

Authors, especially those who are new to the industry, need to blog. The publishing industry is a very competitive marketplace, and everyone needs to have a platform to reach or engage with their target markets.

Still not convinced that you as an author need to blog? Here are some very compelling reasons why you should:

Foundation of your house. Blogging is the foundation of your business. You can use blogging as your marketing tool. As an author, imagine yourself as an owner of a small business. Your market is composed of your readers. They need to know about you and your book to be able to buy it.

Defines your audience. Through content marketing and blogging, you will find readers who are interested in what you write about. This will help you reach your specific target upon which you can build your online community.

Showcase your expertise. The subject matter that you blog about is your expertise. Through blogging, you will share your knowledge, see how your readers connect with your contents, and collaborate with them. Be consistent in uploading blog contents to build your reliability with your readers.

Promoting your value. By presenting your contents to your readers, they will know about your value. Use your contents to solve problems or give advice to them.

Brand development. Every blog you write will help define your brand. It will take time to build a brand, but think of it as further developing your skills too. When your brand starts being recognized, you will be known as an expert in the genre or field that you choose to write about, making your value greater to publishers and agents. By managing your brand right, you will be able to promote more books, conferences, speaking engagements, apps, your website, and more. Your brand will become your online business card.

Build a buzz. Your blog can build a buzz for your book. Tease your readers with some content of your book, leaving them wanting to read more of it.

A cross-promotion platform. Your blog will allow you to link your books, videos, e-books, webinars, and other products to your following.

Promote your next work. Now, your blog is your platform with solid followers. You write some parts of your new book in chapters in your blog. This will help in building a buzz of your upcoming book and test the market on how they will respond to your new work.

Blogging is one of the most effective strategies for an author to reach people. Content marketing and blogging is a necessity. Blogging is a powerful tool.

Share your knowledge about blogging in the comment section. If you know any books on blogging for beginners, you can share it in a comment below or interact with me on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter. You can also check out my book, Quasar.


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