The Gift of Life

Uncle Mike November 21, 2017

Appreciating God’s gift of life


gift of life


The gift of life is a precious one. It holds more value than an expensive antique. It comes with lessons and experiences that people will hold with them for their entire stay in this world.

Aside from being valuable, the gift of life is also very priceless. Not even a billion dollars can compensate for the beauty that is life. Because it is not something to be bought, everyone—regardless of social status or gender—gets a chance to live it.

The chance of getting to wake up every day is already a blessing in itself. Simple actions, such as talking and waking, are something people do very often but take for granted. As the age-old adage by Dr. Seuss goes, “Sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” As mentioned in a previous article, fearing our mortality is normal. After all, this gift of life is something given to us only once. While on this earth, make sure to live a life with little to no regrets.

Celebrating the gift of life is not something to feel guilty about, so it’s perfectly okay to appreciate even the smallest of personal victories. Got that job you’ve been working hard to get? Great! Aced that test you studied all night for? Awesome! Because life is unpredictable at every turn, make sure to pat yourself on the back every now and then. Stopping to smell a few roses makes you marvel at its beauty a lot more, and it doesn’t make you a criminal.

God’s gift of life is a testament to the fact that He cares about His people. From conception until death, He makes sure to never leave anyone behind. While going about our day-to-day doings, keep His Ten Commandments and other lessons in mind. Sure, falling into sin is inevitable. However, remember to pick yourself up again and walk toward God’s path.

Remember to live out your life in the best way you can. The gift of life is something that you only have one shot at doing.

How do you celebrate the gift of life? Feel free to share your thoughts and musings via the comment section below. You can also reach out to me via my Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter accounts. Just drop a line and let’s talk. Don’t forget to check out my book, Quasar, as well!



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  1. Life truly is a blessing we must not take for granted. Treasuring the moments you may not have a second chance to enjoy. I can not wait to read each and every one of your books! You are a man of many talents.

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