Making Use of Dreams for Writing Fiction

Uncle Mike January 30, 2018

Do you want inspiration for fiction? Start by writing down dreams



Dreams are like free trips: they can take you anywhere without you having to shell out anything. Aside from taking you to unfamiliar places, they can also let you experience new things and feelings. Unfortunately, those new places and feelings disappear as soon as you wake up.

Although you can’t be stuck in dreamland forever, there is a way to keep your dreams in your memories. How? Grab a pen and paper (or a phone, tablet, or laptop—whichever works for you, really) and start writing them down.

By them writing down, not only will they be much easier to recall, but they can also be used as sources for some much-needed inspiration. Think of them as Post-it notes: the minute you see them, you’ll already know what to do.

If you’re a writer who’s looking for something to fuel your piece, your dreams may be the answer to getting over your writer’s block.

Some writers have enjoyed the benefits of writing them down. Since inserting this habit into their daily routines, they have found themselves in a better place creatively. The imagery found in their dreams have enabled them to write meaningful pieces.

As to why jotting down them is a good idea for your fictional pieces, take these points into consideration:

  • Dreams are a treasure trove of ideas. Regardless of how they went, you can use them as a foundation for your works. Just ask music legend Paul McCartney, who got the idea for The Beatles’ hit “Yesterday” in his sleep. Speaking of sleep, previous researches have noted that our brains continue to be active while we’re catching z’s—perhaps being in dreamland isn’t just a fantasy trip after all.
  • They help you open your eyes to the world. Trips to dreamland allow you to see things from new perspectives. Since dreams are where your imagination fully thrives, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll encounter.
  • They give you a boost. Because of the unpredictable nature of dreams, you’re bound to get inspired by a handful of them.
  • Writing a dream per day keeps writer’s block away. If maintained as a habit, writer’s block surely won’t come knocking on your doorstep as often as it would. Getting to write right away with no pressure is a great build-up for a good day.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the nearest journal or electronic device and start writing.

Did you have any dreams that could serve as inspiration for a story? I’d be interested to hear all about them. Just share them in the comment section or to Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Don’t forget to check out my book, Quasar, as well.



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